The Linguist’s Guide to Medellin: Top Language Exchange Meetups

The Linguist’s Guide to Medellin: Top Language Exchange Meetups

There’s no better way to practice a language than by talking with a native speaker.

In Medellin, there are tons of places to practice Spanish, English, and other languages. And, it’s a great way to meet both paisas and people from all over the world!

If you’re in this city and are interested in joining a language exchange meetup, this guide is for you. Here are the best ones around town. 

Vintrash Bar – Gringo Tuesdays

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‘Gringos’ is a word that’s used to refer to foreigners. Although in the past the word specifically referred to Americans, you’ll find that most Colombians use it to talk about foreigners in general. 

The Gringo Tuesdays initiative is one of the best and most modern ways to have a language exchange. 

The event takes place in Vintrash, a bar located in Provenza, which is a hotspot for tourists thanks to its great nightlife.

Gringo Tuesdays consist of meeting people from all over the world who are in Medellin and want to socialize and have fluid conversations with people who speak Spanish or other languages.

What’s great about this event is that there are no formalities here.

Just get together to chat, practice languages, and meet people from Medellin and other parts of the world. The group enjoys meetups, music, and cocktails every Tuesday from four in the afternoon until three in the morning.

On gringo Tuesdays the weekly schedule changes. The group organizes different plans such beer pong games, tropical parties, and girl power nights.

The Gringo Tuesday language exchanges are completely free, too. And, once the language learning part is over, you can enjoy the party that Vintrash and Gringo Tuesdays put on for you and your friends.

Barrio Sur – Keep Talking

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Barrio Sur’s Keep Talking language exchange is an equally informal yet calmer plan for those wanting to practice a new language. 

This is a place where you can sip on a beer, eat some dinner, and enjoy good conversation without so much partying.

This restaurant-bar located in Envigado offers this program so that Spanish speakers and English speakers can share bilingual experiences.

In Barrio Sur, language exchanges are also held on Tuesdays.

Starting at seven at night, you’ll be split into groups of two to four people so that you can start chatting and learn a new language.

When you’re done with the language exchange, check out the menu and sip on some beer or share a pizza with your new friends!

Dance Free

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If you neither want to go to dinner nor go to a party, why not try dancing?

Dance Free is an exchange of languages and dance steps rolled into one. Dance Free is a world-renowned dance and language academy that organizes free face-to-face or virtual language exchanges.

To attend this event, you must check the academy’s calendar and register in advance. That way, you can secure your spot and enjoy a fusion of dance and language learning in El Poblado.

Or, you can join from home or hotel by zoom.

The dance classes last one to two hours, so you’ll really get immersed in a new language. And of course, you’ll get a great workout in!

Dulce Posion

Dulce Posion is an artisan restaurant and bakery located in Laureles.

With a variety of pasta, vegetarian and vegan dishes, Colombian dishes, desserts, and coffees, this homey place offers regular language exchange meetups. Sometimes, they also host karaoke nights.

Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights are for language meetups at Dulce Posion. It’s a very calm and informal place to practice languages and meet new people!

The meetups last for four hours, starting at 8 pm and running until midnight. Admission is free, but you’re in charge of paying for any food or drink you order. 

Noah Boutique Hostel – Ondas Medellín

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Noah Boutique Hostel helps you lower your inhibitions and ditch the nerves by serving up beer while you practice a new language.

On the rooftop of Noah Boutique Hostel, located in Manila, you’ll find that Fridays are for drinks and language learning.

Starting at seven at night on this rooftop, you can meet new people who speak Spanish or speak other interesting languages. And, you get to do it while enjoying the outdoors and the weather of Medellín!

Admission is free, but we don’t blame you if you want to have a drink to liven up the moment.

Virtual Platforms for Language Exchanges in Medellin

Besides the in-person language exchange meetings in Medellin, there are also platforms and websites that let you connect with people interested in practicing a language in your area.

If you hit things off, you can then take things offline and meet up in person!

Here’s a quick look at the best virtual platforms for language exchanges in Medellin.


Tandem is something like a social network. You choose the language you want to practice, your native language, and your current location. Then, you describe your ideal language partner according to your goals and preferred topics of conversation.

It’s great because you find people in Medellin who are looking to practice or perfect their English, just as you want to exchange knowledge in the Spanish language. In other words, you can help each other out while learning something new!

Tandem is completely free, too, so you don’t have to worry about paying money you don’t want to. 

And, you can speak with multiple users at once, and develop real friendships.

Attend a Language Exchange in Medellin

Whether you want to practice a new language with food, some drinks, parties until dawn, or dance, there are exchange meetups out there.

Medellin has many different places where you can attend a language exchange. It’s the perfect way to meet new people from different parts of the world!

Have you already tried one of these language exchange meetups? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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