Medellín Travel Guide: Insider Advice from an American Expat in Colombia

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Medellin Travel Guide: Insider Advice from an American Expat in Colombia

Today I’m excited to share the release of my Medellín Travel Guide: Insider Advice from an American Expat in Colombia!

Fully based on my experiences living in Medellín since 2009, I’m confident this is the best, most up-to-date travel guide you’ll find for the city.

The Medellín Travel Guide is now available on Kindle and via PDF on Medellin Living.

What’s Inside?

I set out to write the kind of travel guide I wanted in 2009 when I first arrived in the city.

This guide is a must-read if you’re thinking about traveling to Medellín for the first time, or already have plans to visit.

I also think there’s some info in here for expats too, especially in regard to restaurants and nightlife.

The Medellín Travel Guide will help you:

  • Pick the best time to visit
  • Understand tourist visas
  • Know how much to budget
  • Travel safely
  • Learn how to get around the city
  • Pick a place to stay
  • Discover the most popular tourist attractions
  • Choose which pueblos to see
  • Eat at the best restaurants
  • Find the hottest nightlife

Inside, you’ll also find detailed information about:

  • Dating Colombian women and men
  • An introduction to Colombian food and drinks
  • The 9 best shopping malls and movie theaters
  • Where to find a good gym
  • 15 popular parks and plazas
  • The city’s top 5 museums

In addition, the Medellín Travel Guide includes specific advice for visiting three of my other top destinations in Colombia, including: Cartagena, Parque Tayrona, and Salento and the Valle de Cocora.

The Medellín Travel Guide is now available in the following formats: Kindle and PDF.

Whichever way you choose to purchase the guide, if you find it helpful, please take a moment to leave a review on

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      • Yeah, I would love to write an ebook of 100% original content like you have done, but before that I will release a free ebook that is a compilation of the best posts on Chengdu Living.

        I’ve been reading your guide to Medellin though, very well done. I’m sure it’s of great use to people like Nemo who don’t know all of the insider tricks that someone who’s been there for years would.

        • Funny, I was thinking of doing a “best of” Go Backpacking later this year 🙂

          I think that’s a great way to start. I think it gets easier to put out ebooks with practice. Hoping to do my next one a lot faster.

  1. Hi! Since my purchase, is there any way I can redownload the ebook? I must’ve accidentally deleted the e-mail with the download link or something.

  2. Dear Dave,

    I am trying to buy the guide online with my CC but I get an error message every time that the costs of the book changed and that I have to refresh the page. Please help me out!

  3. Hi Davíd,

    I also no longer have your pdf eBook purchased several years ago and now live in Panama with Medellin a cheap, quick flight. Would you recommend I re-purchase your current edition before going?


    – Chris

  4. Is your most up to date book? Do you expect the price of objects to go up because of the spike in currency/inflation rate this year?

    • Yes, this is the only version I’ve released, though I am working on a second edition. What do you mean by “price of objects?” I don’t know enough about the economic conditions to comment on what will happen to the Colombian peso heading into 2016.

          • I am taking a teaching job in Medellin and the salary is paid in 75% Colombian pesos/25% U.S. Dollars. What will this high exchange rate/inflation increase do to the prices of items? Have you seen any increase is costs when spending pesos?

          • Basically it will mean more buying power from the 25% your paid in USD.If you convert those dollars into pesos. Inflation is not a big problem for everyday things,like rent and food.

  5. If you have access to a decent amount of dollars and have access to a Colombian bank account,now is a great opportunity to xoom those dollars to that account and take advantage of the favorable exchange rates. Be advised though the Colombian gov will take 5% when you withdraw.its unavoidable but at these rates its worth it.

  6. Dave

    Do you have any suggestions for cooking classes in Medellin…. I am a pescatarian…. a vegetarian who also eats fish? Will be coming to Medellin towards the end of Feb.

    Rich Rosenberg

    • Hi Rich. I’m answering for Dave since I write about food/wine/beer exclusively. Colombia is a fairly meat-centric country, but you can find plenty of vegetarian options and seafood. I suggest you look at the Facebook group Food in Medellin. I think you’ll find several options for cooking classes that agree with your lifestyle. If you wish to send me your email, I’ll let you know if I see something specific for when you’re here in Medellin. Cheers! Shelly

  7. Dear Dave Thanks for all of the information about Medellin I am from Puerto Rico And I am planning a tourist travel trip foe the month of July visiting Bogota Medellin Armenia Pereira Iam mvery interested on the mountain areas and how is the electrical power accomplishing there mostly Iam an agronomist Retired and I am mostly interested on the country side to find a good location there to rent first and since I am Spanish speaker an Latino to know well the best country side locality. May be I can have a meeting with you Dave on this current July I invite you at wereever you like there at Medellin my Phone at Puerto Rico is 787-515-2627 thanks very valuable information

  8. Like to see some thing about series dating and hooking up with Medellin women. I HAVE MADE SUCH A HOOKUP, that could lead to marriage but am suspicious, my nature. Am I being setup or does she really care. She is not silly girl but an adult. Wish someone would comment on women in this situation with foreigner on apps like whatsapp. Thankyou

  9. Dave , good evening . I have lived 6 years in Cuenca, Ecuador. I would like to hire you or someone to be a short term ficilitator for me , there , in Medellin . I am interested in moving to Medellin in the near future . I have qustions about somethings and I need to hire someone with answers .
    Thanks, Patrick Trussell

  10. I’m going to Colombia in December I’d love to live in Colombia however I’d need to figure out how to make a living there. I’ve been looking at lots of videos on Medellin Colombia living .