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Why Should You Work With Medellin Living?

Established in February 2009, Medellin Living is a multi-author city and travel guide, with over eight years of experience publishing over 1,200 articles, covering the following topics:

  • Travel to Medellin
  • Finding Accommodation
  • Nightlife, Food and Restaurants
  • Holidays and Festivals
  • Colombian Culture
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Visas

Medellin Living has a history of collaboration with tourism boards, hotels, resorts, clubs, restaurants, tour companies and local attractions in Medellin, and increasingly, throughout Colombia.

We have provided media coverage in articles, travel guides, and our associated social media accounts in exchange for complimentary experiences, such as accommodations, tours, and dining experiences.

Statistics – March 2019

The traffic figures below are taken from Google Analytics.

  • Unique Visits: 44,500
  • Pageviews: 70,300
  • Subscribers (RSS + email):  6,000+
  • Facebook: 8,700 likes


  • 40% United States, 35% Colombia, 9% Canada/UK/Australia
  • 80% speak English, 7% speak Spanish

Highlights – David Lee (Founder)

Case Studies

Many of our pages and stories receive a staggering amount of traffic.

  • provides a breakdown of bars and discotecas in Medellin. From June 2016 – May 2017, it received 34,000 views. This example demonstrates how we are well positioned to promote the nightlife in the city.

Press Trips

Looking for a trusted travel writer(s) with the ability to leverage an established brand, audience, and presence in social media to promote your business?

David has completed successful press/FAM trips in locations around the world, including Rwanda, Patagonia, Indonesia, Mexico and Spain.

To see examples of the coverage we’ve offered in Colombia, check out the content published from a blogger trip to Santa Elena (Colombia), as well as David’s trips to Rwanda and Patagonia.

To see how we can work together, email advertise(at) today.

Reader Testimonials

As a potential resident of Medellín, I am so happy to be reading your blog. Thank you for all the effort!  — John, July 2014

Your blog has been super helpful for me to begin to get a sense for what I can and will experience in Medellín.  — Ed, August 2014

Business Owner Testimonials

“Thanks to the Medellin Living story, our occupancy went up 20 percent in April, May and June of this year (2014), compared to the same months last year. Thanks, Dave and everyone at Medellin Living for the great article!”

— Brent Knowles, Owner, The Wandering Paisa

“The Medellín Living event at Humo BBQ & Bar in May 2014 was a hit! As a restaurant, we were able to promote our Happy Hour, share our concept and cuisine with a new segment of locals, and grow our following within the community. As a business owner, the networking opportunities were incredible, Dave and Ryan are very good at tapping the professional channels of locals, foreigners, expats and frequent travelers within the city. I hope we can team up again very soon to have another successful (and fun!) event!”

— Carmen Angel, Chef & Owner, Carmen Restaurant Medellín, Carmen Restaurant Cartagena, Humo BBQ & Bar


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You do not need a PayPal account to make payment via credit card. If your organization does not use PayPal, then payment can be made via wire transfer or Western Union.

Ad Option – Articles and Reviews

Cost: Contact us for a quote

What You Get:  We offer three different approaches to sponsored posts, all of which make use of “no follow” links for this site to comply with Google’s terms and conditions.

1. (Recommended) Write an advertorial, unique content related to your product, service, or website based on the author’s personal travel experiences.  These posts are much better received by regular readers, and more likely to be shared via social media as well.  Click here for an example.

2. Write an honest review of your product, service, website, or business. We will test it (or in the case of a website, visit it) and write a review based on our experience.  Click here for an example.

3. Write an informational post about your product, service, or website. In this case, we won’t use the word “review” and the post would be strictly informational.

Posts are approximately 400 to 600 words in length.  They are posted live to the front page of this blog for at least seven days and will exist permanently in the archives to benefit from search engine traffic.

Ethics:  We will always include a disclosure for our readers.

To request content marketing, please with details.

Affiliate Partnerships

Medellin Living is SEO-optimized and seen as an authoritative site by Google.

We are very selective about working with new affiliates. If you think your product or service is highly relevant to our audience, for consideration.