The Top Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Medellin (Plus What to Order!)

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Eating healthy is no big deal, and less so for those who love animals and prefer not to eat their meat. Vegan and vegetarian restaurants are perfect for people who don’t want to eat animal protein, but still want to be well-nourished. 

Medellín has a variety of vegan and vegetarian restaurants. These restaurants are becoming more and more popular in Medellin. 

Do you want to know the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Medellín? If your answer is yes, then read on to find out.

Betty’s Bowls

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This place has a very friendly environment not just for people, but for your fur babies, too! It’s an eco-friendly place that prepares very healthy food and has an extensive menu.

Betty’s Bowls has a colorful menu with smoothies bowls, toast, salads, and more. Each of these recipes is delicious and above all nutritious. The prices in this place are affordable for all types of customers.


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Vegarden is located in the heart of Aburrá Valley and has a varied vegan-vegetarian menu. They have lunches that include soup, salads, lasagnas, and pizzas.

Just make sure to save room for dessert, as the sweets on this menu are to die for!

Salud Pan

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Salud Pan is a beautiful place that offers dishes focused on mushrooms, cereals, and nuts.

One fantastic thing about Salud Pan is that it also contributes to various recycling programs, reusing plastic bottles and glass. They’re in charge of composting their products to give the customer healthy and high-quality products.

The dish that really stands out on the Salud Pan menu is the portobello sandwich. It’s just as meaty as any burger, and 100% vegan!

Oh, and don’t forget – you can order gluten-free meals here, too.

Lentil Express

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This is one of the most popular vegetarian places in town. It has several locations around Medellín, and the prices are very reasonable.

Their star dish is the quinoa and lentil burger. Not only does it taste great, but it’s made with fresh-picked ingredients. Yum!

Verdeo Restaurant

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If you’re not a vegetarian but still want to try some veggie meals, Verdeo is for you. You won’t even feel like you’re eating plant-based food! 

On top of the super flavorful meals, they also have excellent service. And, the ambiance is super-cozy. 

I’d call that a win-win!

In terms of what to order, you can’t miss the falafel balls and the portobello and blue cheeseburger. You will be left wanting more.

Veg Station

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For those who want to enjoy a vegan experience, Veg Station is an excellent option. The decoration of their dishes is what makes them stand out and the flavor is excellent. 

The place is very well located and has good prices. It’s pet friendly so your furry friend can join you and the best part is that you can serve yourself outdoors.

They offer a gluten-free menu. You can’t leave without trying the vegan paella and a vegetarian casserole, both meals include mock meats. The restaurant offers alcoholic beverages of choice. 

Mundo Verde

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The name says it all: this is a place with dishes focused on DLGs (dark leafy greens). Despite the fact that it’s a super green-focused menu, the food tastes great. 

They’ve actually got meals for all times of day, too. You’ll find everything from breakfast sandwiches to burrito bowls on the menu. 

Still, we probably don’t have to tell you that the real stand-out item on the menu is the salad.


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You know a place is worth it when you have people lining up down the street to get in! Zorba is not only a great veggie spot, it’s also just a great spot in general.

Zorba has a romantic vibe, making it perfect for a first date.  

Zorba’s specialty is vegetarian pizzas, and boy, are these some good pizzas. The ingredients are fresh and the pies are stone-baked, making them extra tasty. 


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Another vegan spot you’ll fall in love with is Kai. This place has good food, looks nice, and is pretty cheap. It has a unique atmosphere and the service is excellent.

Kai’s dishes are perfect for sharing since they’re pretty big. 

The best dishes on the menu are: 

  • The truffled potato casserole
  • The pasta with ripe plantain
  • The mushroom tacos
  • Bowls
  • Curries

It doesn’t matter which you try, you’re going to love them. You’re also going to go home stuffed, so beware!

Veggie Life

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Veggie Life is located on the fourth floor of the Carabobo shopping center. This small place is dedicated to veggie dishes in a fast-food setting.

The menu features lunches that include soup, a main course, dessert, and a drink. One of their most popular dishes is their veggie burger, made from delicious oatmeal bread and paired with crunchy fries.


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You’d never know that Justo doesn’t use animal derivatives in their recipes. The meals are packed with flavors and the menu is super varied. 

Justo is well-decorated, filled with leafy-green plants that make you feel like you’re in the jungle instead of the city. 

The star attraction at Justo is their Sunday brunch. However, I’d also recommend the palm ceviche. Just know that the dishes are pretty small so you’ll have to eat a lot!

They also have a whole foods market attached to the restaurant. Pick up some fresh ingredients for later!


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Akasha is located on the western side of Medellin, making it the perfect place for vegans wanting to explore this side of town’s gastronomy. 

The staff here is super friendly and will instantly make you feel at home. Plus, the menu is pretty varied. 

At Akasha, you’ll find everything from fast food to Italian cuisine. My top picks include the Indian curries or the coconut wok.

Check Out the Best Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Medellin

This small list of vegan and vegetarian restaurants was created for those who don’t want to consume meat in their dishes. But, those who aren’t vegetarian or vegan can also give it a try!

You can be sure that trying new animal-free recipes can be a great addition to your daily diet. Medellín undoubtedly provides many quality places for all kinds of people.

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