You’ve just landed in Medellin, and all you see around the city are tours and Colombian coffee shops! Want to try something new? Then take a look at Colombian gin and tonic. It’s a delicious surprise to find new flavors and combinations of this flirty cocktail.

As a mixologist with years of experience under my belt, I’m here to guide you through the Medellin gin and tonic tour, take advantage of being in one of the most biodiverse countries in the world and add some exotic fruits to your cocktail.

Does this sound like something you might like? Keep on reading to know everything you need about these drinks in Medellin!

What Gin and Tonic Is

Gin and tonic or gin tonic have two main ingredients: gin and tonic water. The drink is served with some ice cubes to give freshness to your drink. Some bartenders also add lemon or orange zest to give an acid touch to the preparation.

Over the years, many variations of this enigmatic drink have emerged.  For example, the Spanish add more ice and dressings, depending on the type of gin. The cocktail is served here in a ball cup or cognac cup. This difference in the cup allows you to appreciate the aromas. 

In other parts of the world, it is common to add juice or a slice of lemon. Mixologists don’t recommend this since citrus destroys the characteristic bubbles of the cocktail.

Just for clarification: Don’t confuse this drink with Tom Collins’ gin and tonic, which uses a sweeter gin called Old Tom.

Brief History of Gin and Tonic 

Believe it or not, the roots of this drink date back to the 1850s, when the British monarchy took over India. British officers frequently suffered from malaria and used quinine powder to prevent, treat and cure it.

Ingredients such as sugar, gin, and soda are added to the drink to sweeten the flavor. 

Currently, the recipe has crossed the seas and has been redesigned by chefs and mixologists around the world, reaching what we know today as gin and tonic.

Fruits, flowers, flavorings, and lots of ice, made this drink a must-try in restaurants and bars worldwide.

The San Francisco World Spirits Winner

Courtesy by el Colombiano

The best gin and tonic drinks are right here in Medellin. Juniper, a luxury cocktail brand, started in the San Javier neighborhood, the birthplace of Juan David Zapata, an industrial engineer and bartender with more than ten years of experience.

In San Francisco, there is the World Spirits Competition. There is a big battle for the best spirits and alcohol-based products. Colombia received a double gold medal in the bottled classic cocktails category.

Juniper surpassed brands that have been doing Gin Tonic in England for over 200 years. This win was a massive surprise in the country!

Juan David Zapata currently holds the award for the best bartender of Colombia 2018 and is ranked as one of the ten best bartenders in the world.

Best Gin and Tonic Spots in Medellin

Now that you know more about this drink and its history, it’s time to stop by the best bars and restaurants in the city and delight your taste buds with the best gin and tonic. Let’s take a look a the top picks!

Ammazza Gin Garden

Courtesy by TripAdvisor

By far, the best spot for gin and tonics in the city.  You’ll want to stay not only for the gin and tonic but also for the chill vibes and good food. This restaurant is perfect for having a meeting with your friends or inviting a date out. 

There are three venues for this restaurant, all located in busy areas of the city:

  • Ammazza Laureles
  • Ammazza Indiana
  • Ammazza Provenza

In addition to Italian haute cuisine, beers, wines, and spirits, they have an extensive menu specializing in gin and tonics.

This extensive menu can be a little overwhelming at first. However, if you don’t know what to order, I recommend asking the bartender. After answering a few questions, the bartender will suggest a cocktail that fits your palate.

A popular pick for the night is the Plymouth. The Plymouth is very balanced in smell and taste. The cocktail has English gin, accompanied by Coriander, orange, and lemon bark.


Address: Cra. 76 #73b – 39, Medellín, Laureles, Medellín, Antioquia

Sputnik Bar

Courtesy by CND12

Sputnik proposes a unique space in Medellin with a galactic atmosphere and a new experience to spend a night relaxing with all kinds of drinks offered on its menu.

If you like techno or electronic music, this is the right place. Some of the genres that attract the majority of customers are:

  • EBM
  • New wave
  • Synth-pop
  • Electro
  • Post-punk
  • Cold wave
  • Aggrotech

The bar celebrates its happy hour with a local Dj named Watto.  Occasionally, they have small festivals or techno with no cover fee.  Be sure to check their social networks to know which artists will perform.

As for its gin and tonic menu, you’ll find other variations, such as Hendrick’s gin and tonic, a blend of Hendrick’s gin, tonic water, and three thinly sliced rounds of Cucumber.


Address: Av. 33 #76-28, Laureles, Medellín, Antioquia

Get Your Gin and Tonic in Medellin

Whether you want to try a gin and tonic for the first time or dare to put some exotic fruit in your cocktail, Medellin is the perfect place for your gin journey.

Go and find the gin and tonic that best suits your style and taste. Have fun!

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