Parmessano: a Popular Chain of Italian Restaurants in Medellín

Parmessano in Mayorca mall
Parmessano in Mayorca mall

I happen to like Parmessano, which is a popular chain of Italian restaurants in Medellín that I have gone to for several years.

I recently went to lunch with a neighbor in Sabaneta, who is a reader of Medellín Living. We decided to go to Mayorca mall and we were in the mood for Italian.  So we decided on Parmessano, which is located on the fourth floor of the Mayorca expansion.

My neighbor hadn’t been to Parmessano before and his comment after eating there was that it is like an “upscale Il Forno”. I agree with this description. Parmessano is best described as an upscale version of Il Forno, which is another Italian restaurant chain in the city.

Parmessano is quite popular. They are ranked #22 out of nearly 1,000 restaurants in Medellín listed on TripAdvisor. And they are ranked #4 out of all the Italian restaurants in the city, which is a higher ranking than Il Forno.

As a result of Parmessano’s popularity they have grown over the past several years to a total of nine restaurants in the Medellín area.

Note the above photo is the Parmessano restaurant in the Mayorca mall in Sabaneta.

Salmon with tri-color pasta
Salmon with tri-color pasta

My Experiences at Parmessano

I first discovered Parmessano several years ago when I lived in Belén. I like Italian food and frequently went to their restaurant located in the Los Molinos mall.

So over the past several years I have eaten at this Italian restaurant many times and they have a big menu with many options. Also I have eaten at five of their nine restaurants in the city. In my experience the high quality is consistent at each of their restaurants.

Everything I have eaten there has been tasty. And I have tried many things on the menu. Some of my favorites include the meat lasagna and their salmon with pasta dish.  Service has also been consistently good in my experience with friendly and efficient staff.

Baby beef with pasta
Baby beef with pasta

When I went with my neighbor recently I had the salmon with tri-color pasta and he had the baby beef with pasta. My salmon was very fresh and the pasta was very good with three different sauces.  The total for the two of us for lunch including two natural juices and tip was 71,000 pesos ($24).

Meat lasagna at Parmessano
Meat lasagna at Parmessano

The Menu at Parmessano

Parmessano has an extensive menu with several pastas which choice of sauces, combo plates, sandwiches, soups, salads, house specials, appetizers and desserts.

They have many different types of pasta to choose from including spaghetti, fettuccine, ravioli and tortellini. The pastas range in price from 13,900 pesos for a half order to 19,500 pesos for the highest priced full order.

With the pastas you can select from 13 different sauces including Alfredo, Bolognese, 3-cheese, marinara and tri-color Italian. They also have chicken lasagna or beef lasagna for 21,300 pesos and three risotto dishes ranging in price from 27,700 to 28,900 pesos.

In addition, they have 15 different combo plates with chicken, fish or beef combined with pasta ranging in price from 23,400 to 28,800 pesos. Plus they have six different sandwiches ranging in price from 21,300 to 22,400 pesos.

They also have six different soups ranging in price from 21,300 to 23,500 pesos. And the menu includes eight different salads ranging in price from 22,400 to 28,900 pesos.

The menu also includes 12 different appetizers ranging in price from 10,900 to 24,900 pesos as well as a combo appetizer for four people for 52,000 pesos.  Plus there are several desserts to choose from.

For drinks they have several red and white wines, natural juices, sodas and bottled water.

Inside Parmessano in Mayorca mall
Inside Parmessano in Mayorca mall

How to Get There

Parmessano has nine restaurant locations in the Medellín metro area, with most of them located in El Poblado.  Several of these locations are in malls.  Restaurants in a mall are not always the best option but Parmessano always has good food in my experience.  So go do some shopping before or after eating.

If you are in El Poblado you have several choices.  If you aren’t in El Pobaldo probably the easiest of their restaurants to get to is located in Sabaneta due to being able to get there on the Medellín Metro. It is located in the new expansion of Mayorca mall, which is right next to the Itaguii metro station. This location is on the map below.

The other eight Parmessano restaurant locations are as follows:

  • Ciudad Del Río, Carrera 48 # 19A-70, El Poblado
  • Mercado Del Rio, Calle 24 #48-28, Local 45-46, El Poblado
  • Centro Comerical Santafé, Carrera 43A # 7 Sur-170, Locals 3317 and 3319, El Poblado
  • El Tesoro Mall, Carrera 25 #1A Sur 45, Local 3557, El Poblado
  • Palms Avenue, Calle 18 # 35-59, Local 205, El Poblado
  • La Strada Mall, Local 1, El Poblado
  • Los Molinos Mall, Calle 30A #82A-26, Local 3184, Belén
  • Indiana Mall, Locals 9 and 10, Lanogrande

In short, if you like good Italian food with consistent quality, then try out Parmessano.

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  1. Very nice Italian Restaurant reminds me of Italian Restaurants in NYC & NJ. My wife and I went to the one on El ploblado Ave . Very nice indoor and outdoor