The Top Pet-Friendly Places in Medellín


The weather, abundance of green spaces and culture in Medellín make it the perfect city to own a pet – plus vet costs and general expenses like food tend to be much cheaper here than compared to the U.S or Europe. While it’s no secret that Paisas love their pooches – simply head to any park on a Sunday and check out the accessorized dogs undergoing a photoshoot – tons of restaurants, bars, malls and other public spaces welcome mascotas too. In fact, it’s more unusual to find somewhere that doesn’t allow pets than somewhere which does. Here are the top pet-friendly places in Medellín for your four-legged friend to enjoy the City of Eternal Spring.


Cafés & Restaurants

Café Zorba

Parque Lineal de la Presidenta, Calle 8 #42-33

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One of Poblado’s best eateries also happens to be very welcoming of pets. Tucked down a side street off Calle 43A, Zorba’s open setting and the laidback atmosphere is ideal for anyone looking to enjoy delicious food alongside their pet. The restaurant has upstairs seating with a balcony overlooking the park for animals to watch the world go by, or alternatively, the downstairs patio is ideal for animals who prefer to stretch their legs. Staff at Café Zorba are more than happy to provide your furry pal with a bowl of water if they’re thirsty after a long day of exploring.


37 Park

Vía Primavera, Carrera 37 #8A-4

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On the famous Vía Primavera street, 37 Park is ideal for dog owners, as the cool restaurant and bar is located outside among the lush greenery of Poblado with space for pets to roam freely. The seating at 37 Park is made from logs of wood, so people with dogs can sit close to their pooch (if they’re not already perched on their lap) and keep an eye on them during their visit. During the day the place is relatively quiet, however, it does get noisy come the evening, so if your dog is nervous around a lot of commotion, opt for another spot.



Carrera 37 #8A-37 and Calle 10B #36-38

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Renowned for its incredible coffee, Pergamino sees a constant stream of caffeine addicts and their animals visit on a daily basis. Situated in Poblado (along Vía Primavera and Calle 10B) both the locations make the most of the leafy streets and have an outdoor terrace for people and pet-watching. The Pergamino on Calle 10B is larger than the other one, split across two floors, and dogs are allowed on both – there’s also nothing sweeter than seeing a Pomeranian bounce up the stairs. Drinking water is always available for pets, simply ask at the counter.


Amor-Acuyá Gelato

Carrera 40 #10A-27

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A true gem in Medellín, this heladería has a mouth-watering selection of award-winning ice creams and sorbets that are a necessity on a hot afternoon. As a bonus, Amor-acuyá also allows dogs into the parlor and the outside patio, where they can snooze in the shade and meet other mascotas (a beagle called Marco Polo is a regular here and very cute). While pets can’t eat the ice cream, the staff can provide bowls of water, and owners can buy dog treats from the counter.


Café Cliche

Carrera 76 #41-41

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Over in Laureles, the French-owned Café Cliché is often packed with locals, travelers and dogs. The vibe here is very relaxed, and pets can usually be seen at the feet of their owners enjoying a nap or watching the parade of dogs pass by on the sidewalk. Pets are welcome on both the outdoor patio or inside the café but are normally kept on a leash. On Wednesdays, Cliché holds a free movie night, so feel free to bring your extra family member and snuggle up on one of the sofas.


Lenteja Express

Circular 74B #39B-122, Carrera 35 #8A-76 and Carrera 45 #52-75

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Lenteja Express is the place to go for vegetarians with mascotas. There are three locations in Medellín: Laureles, Poblado and Centro, and all are pet-friendly – not surprising for a restaurant that doesn’t serve any meat! The menu here is varied, serving vegetarian and vegan options ranging from traditional burgers and wraps to salads and ceviche, along with water and sometimes small treats for dogs. Seating at the Laureles location is predominantly outdoors but has a sunroof to provide shade on hot days.



Barrio Central Café Bar

Circular 2 # 68-123

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Particularly popular with expats, Barrio Central is great for warm evenings spent enjoying a beer on the outdoor benches – and the pet-friendly attitude here adds to the chilled atmosphere. Dogs of all sizes are invited to the bar at all times, which serves food as well as a range of beers and spirits, has live music performances and a weekly quiz night.


El Social

Carrera 35 #8A-8

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By El Social Facebook

This buzzing tienda bar on the corner of a busy Poblado street is a fantastic blend of Colombian drinking culture mixed with an international crowd. Stretching across two floors, animals are best suited to the lower level where they can look on to the people and pets spilling onto the road throughout the day and evening. It’s worthwhile noting that there’s often salsa dancing here, and the bar is next to a road, so you’ll need to bring a leash for your four-legged friend.


Taxi Service

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Considering how many pet-friendly options there are in Medellín, it’s important to ensure you can take your mascota from place to place. Easy Taxi has an option for transporting pets – simply download the app and select ‘Easy Pets’ from the tabs at the bottom of the screen, the app will then search and find drivers nearby that accept animals. According to the company’s research, over 23% of users have already taken their dog for a spin with the feature.

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