Medellin Weather: It’s Raining It’s Pouring…AGAIN?!


Medellín, Colombia’s second-largest city, has grown more than any other city. Despite its complicated past, Medellín is now a modern, innovative, and beautiful city. 

Also called the City of Eternal Spring, Medellin is famous for its near-perfect weather. You’ll find plenty of parks where you can enjoy the sun, fresh juice from a street food vendor, and treats like tasty empanadas.

Although it has dreamy weather, it can also be unpredictable. Here are some tips on what to expect with the weather in Medellin. Ready? Let’s go!

What to Expect From the Weather in Medellin?

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Before visiting the City of Eternal Spring, it’s important that you know you cannot trust the weather forecasts. 

Global warming makes it hard to forecast the weather anywhere in the world, but in Medellin, that’s always been the case.  

Fortunately, the weather in Medellín is warm and is characterized by being neither too hot nor too cold. 

It has an average temperature between 62°F and 76°F, rarely falling below 60°F or rising above 85°F. 

That’s the perfect temperature for getting outdoors to enjoy the city’s beautiful landscapes.

What Is the Best Season to Visit Medellin?

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Thanks to the tropical climate, you can visit Medellín any time of the year and still experience similar temperatures. From May first to the end of August is the warmest season, with an average daily temperature of over 75°F. 

In fact, May is the warmest month in Medellin.

October 5 to January 13 is the cool season, with daily temperatures below 75°F according to Weather Spark. The coldest month in Medellin is October, with an average minimum temperature of 62°F.

The warm season lasts for 3.3 months from May 1 to August 9, with an average daily high temperature above 80°F. The warmest month in the year in Medellín is May, with an average maximum temperature of 82°F and a minimum of 62 °F.

The rainiest month is May. If you want to visit Medellín and enjoy its cloud-free landscapes, the most recommended month is January because that’s when there’s less rain. 

The perfect time to visit the beach, on the other hand, is from June to August. Still, that’ll take you out of Medellin and off to the Caribbean coasts!

The least recommended months to visit the city are October and November. During these months you’re likely to catch cool climates and lots of rain.

What to Pack to Visit Medellin?

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When it comes to what to pack for a Medellin trip, it can be a bit confusing. That’s thanks to the constantly changing weather!

The main recommendation is that you come prepared for unpredictable but subtropical weather. Be aware that on any day there may be unexpected rainshowers. But, there may also be sunny days where you’ll need light clothing.

So, what does that boil down to? Well, preparing your bags has a lot to do with the itinerary you’re going to follow. 

Think about whether you’ll be spending more time in the city or in the mountains. Either way, don’t forget to bring a sweater, pants, and a jacket in case it rains. That way your prepared for any weather!

In terms of footwear, it wouldn’t hurt to pack some waterproof shoes or boots. But, don’t forget to pack lighter sports shoes as well!

Other Pro Tips for Medellin

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When you arrive in Medellin, you might actually be a bit cooler than you thought. This is because Rionegro, where the international airport is located, sits at 7,000 feet above sea level.

In Medellin proper you won’t be as cold when you’re down in the valley. But, if you’re staying up on one of the hillsides, you might still find the temperatures are a bit low.

As a result, I’d recommend flying in with a sweater or hoodie on. That way, you won’t get too cold on the ride in from the airport. 

Another pro tip is to bring clothes that you can layer and that go well with everything. Coin laundries aren’t as common in Medellin as they are in the US, so it pays to have items that you can layer, mix and match, and reuse.

Medellín and Its Weather Await You

The weather in Medellin can be unpredictable, so it’s important to be prepared for any condition. You know how the saying goes “Better safe than sorry,” and for the weather, it’s true.

Medellín has a lot to love, past and present. Medellín is nothing less than a visionary city with a complex past that has shaped the present, and there’s still much work to be done. 

But, the Medellín of today is almost unrecognizable from the one that passed a few decades ago.

The city now boasts safe, art-filled streets, world-class cultural attractions, and one of the most advanced public transportation systems in the world. 

Tourists and travelers love Medellin’s weather, but that takes a backseat when experiencing everything the city offers. Let us know in the comments what your experience has been in this magical city!

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