Spending an Evening at the Medellín Circus

Spending an Evening at the Medellín Circus

If you’re looking for a family-friendly place to have fun on an evening in Medellin, you may want to visit the Medellin Circus. This circus has been around for more than a decade and is an amazing place to go to watch acrobatics, contortionism, and other art shows.

Whether you’ve already been to a circus and loved it or you want to try something totally different, this is the place to go.

So, are you ready to watch the show while eating some popcorn? Then keep on reading to know all about Medellin Circus!

An Overview of Medellin Circus

Founded in 2008 by the renowned mime-clown Carlos Alvarez, this place aims to bring together live music with circus shows of optical illusion, manipulation of objects, and colorful costumes. 

This circus is dedicated to promoting art and entertainment spaces for the whole family and youth of Medellin. They offer shows of international stature and semilleros in which children participate and learn to express themselves and act in small theatrical courses.

Plus, attending this circus means that you’re helping to fulfill the dreams of many Medellin artists who dedicate their lives to the circus.

How to Get There

The circus is located on Cerro Nutibara, just around the corner from the Laureles neighborhood, so you can walk there from your hotel or Airbnb

Without a doubt, the fastest way to get there is by taking the metro. To do so, take the A line and get off at the Exposiciones station. Then you’ll have to walk about seven minutes to get there. 

If you want to travel by bus, just take one of these routes:

  • 1811
  • 313
  • M 30-1
  • T4 019

On the other hand, if you’re driving, there’s a public parking lot at the circus. You’ll have to pay for it, but it won’t cost you very much.

Where to Get Your Tickets

You can get your tickets for the show an hour before starting. You just have to go to the ticket booth of the circus. Just keep in mind that the only way to pay is cash, so make sure you have some on hand. 

You can also buy tickets online, but the site tends to be a bit glitchy. It also doesn’t always work with foreign credit cards, so cash is still the best option.

The prices are very reasonable and if your kids are three to four years old, you get a discount on their tickets. 

For children under three, the tickets are totally free. We’d recommend arriving a little earlier than normal, as you can get front-row seats if you’re among the first in the waiting line.

What to Expect

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So, what can you see at the Medellín Circus?

Well, for one thing, you can expect to see breathtaking shows with acts of contortionism, aerial dance (where the artist performs stunts in the air supported by one or more pieces of silk), juggling, hula-hooping, and interactive shows with the audience.

All of this is accompanied by live music, sound and light effects, and bright and colorful costumes.

Don’t forget to buy a snack to enjoy the show with a full stomach! You’ll find candy apples popcorn, churros, and tons of other treats.

Clown Shows

In a two-hour show, you can meet Caliche Cachivache, a homeless clown who searches through garbage cans and tells his story in a mime-clown show and silent theater.  

Lover of junk and always willing to make his audience laugh, you’ll find this show an opportunity to understand art from another point of view and learn how to treat other people in a better way.

Then, you’ll enjoy the Ilussion show, where you’ll see incredible gymnasts stretch and contort in ways you didn’t think were possible.

Last but not least, you’ll have a medley of puppet shows, ventriloquist, hula-hooping, balancing, and plays.

Comparsa Fantasía Circense

These are small outdoor art shows with live music, juggling, rhythmic gymnastics, and more. You can usually take part in one of these small festivals near Cerro Nutibara or some other festivities in public places of Medellin such as theaters or parks.


If you want to take part in a circus carnival, you should check the website beforehand to know where and when it will be held. It’s the best option to take your family and spend an evening in the fair games.

Clowns, fortune tellers, and gymnasts all show up to this event. It’s not quite a formal show, but is a great way to check out some unique artists’ performances for an afternoon. 

Celebrating an Event at the Circus

You can actually celebrate your birthday (or make an on-stage proposal) at the circus. Whether you want to have a children’s party, or just want to get together with a group of friends, it’s a nice alternative way to celebrate.

Birthday parties are held in a small tent near the main one. There, you have a private space to celebrate prior to the show.

The cherry-on-top for these events is the surprise show by gymnasts and circus clowns. They’ll come to your tent and do a private show that really makes you feel special. 

Have Some Fun at the Medellín Circus

Going to the circus has never been so exciting, especially when you know you’re supporting paisa art. Now that you know everything you need to spend the afternoon at the Medellin Circus, why not head over there and get somet ickets?

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