Parque Lineal La Presidenta: A Green Space in Poblado

Entrance to Parque Presidenta
Entrance to Parque Presidenta
Entrance to Parque Presidenta
Entrance to Parque La Presidenta

It is rare to find a spot of soft grass in the heart of Poblado, however not far from the night-time revelry of Parque Lleras and the more plaza-like Parque Poblado, you will find Parque Lineal La Presidenta, a perfect spot to lay your head/hangover.

Located just off Avenida Poblado and alongside the imposing looking Dann Carlton Hotel, the park is a funnel-shaped green space with a stream running through the center.

The well-kept gardens host a variety of plant life, along side some specially red-painted trees (I do not know why they are painted red…answers on a postcard please).

Painted red trees... but why?
Painted red trees… but why?

As well as the plant life and the good old green stuff, there is a well-equipped outdoor gym with all the machines you need for a bit of exercise.

The main attraction for many who visit though is the weekly farmers market which runs on Sundays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Here, you can pick up some fresh, locally made produce and healthy goodies after your workout or stroll in the park.

An outdoor gym and a dog
An outdoor gym and a dog

At times, you will also find other outdoor artisanal markets, concerts and general goings in the space situated at the front of the park, and these will be easily visible from the main thoroughfare of Avenida Poblado.

The park, being the small size that it is, will not keep you entertained forever, however if you fancy grabbing a blanket and chilling out with some friends – it is a great spot to while away some time. Probably on a Sunday.

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