Colombia Explained: The FARC


This is a 12-minute history of the FARC, who have waged civil war in Colombia for the last 50 years, and are currently in peace talks with the government.

President Santos is banking on the peace process for his re-election this year, but there are a lot of powerful forces who’d rather see the war continue for idealogical and/or financial reasons.

This is also the first video produced by Colombia Reports, Colombia’s largest English news source. They’re looking for feedback in an effort to make improvements in their future videos.

What do you think? How’d they do with this first one?

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  1. Its a good report and very informative. It certainly filled in the gaps in my knowledge about the whole situation. I thought the presenter was good on the whole and quite charismatic, but he could have done with an auto-cue or memorising his lines for a more professional presentation with perhaps a little less gesticulation.

  2. He covered a LOT of ground in just twelve minutes. It is a shame there was more development of the views that are labeled communist, paramilitary and other labels many assume are something. A great place to begin. What if all sides are wrong?