Veo tus Sueños (I See Your Dreams)


When I was a little kid living in New York, I use to play in a soccer league every year.

I can’t recall if it was my idea, or my parent’s, but it was fun. Some years we’d lose every game, and one shining year we won them all. Either way, there was always a trophy waiting for each player after the last game.

Growing up in the United States during the ’80s and ’90s, every sport seemed more popular than soccer.

But my country was the exception to a worldwide fascination with the sport. As an adult, I’ve since traveled through more than 50 countries, many of them in the developing world, and I can safely say soccer is the one sport uniting countries and cultures more than any other.

Fields are built everywhere, from the poorest nations in Asia and Africa, to the richest of western Europe.

I’ve watched kids at sunset on the beaches of Belize, using driftwood to mark goal posts, play with as much vigor as Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona taking on Atlético Madrid at Camp Nou.

Argentina’s Lionel Messi, Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, Brazil’s Ronaldinho, Colombia’s Falcao, England’s Wayne Rooney. These are the living legends of today.

Despite the odds of reaching superstar status, soccer gives kids around the world a reason to dream.

With the world’s biggest soccer event approaching this week, Samsung is here to fuel the excitement even further.

In Samsung’s latest campaign, entitled ‘I See Your Dreams’, the brand presents an uplifting video encouraging the children of the world to dream of soccer.

With the brand’s very own song ‘I See Your Dreams’ setting the background, the video epitomizes the beauty of life’s ups and downs.

South Africa’s “Drakensburg Boys Choir” were selected to voice the track, being composed of a multi-racial group of children; they reach out to the youth of our world no matter where they may reside.

Within the video we see soccer as the personification of a child’s best friend. Wherever in the world; children take the ball with them, they play with it, laugh with it, and even experience the joys of their birthdays with it.

Samsung has captured the essence of the meaning of the game to people worldwide stating: “It’s not about where soccer takes them, it’s about how soccer lets them dream”.

With the journey being taken to Brazil this Summer, this video takes us back to our childhood and remind us that the beauty of the game is embodied in our youthful dreams.

I recommend watching it in full screen mode.


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