Sweet Georgia: A Cafe with Southern Soul in Laureles


I found out about Sweet Georgia from a Facebook post, and the moment I saw the pic of waffles, bacon and scrambled eggs and then read “soul music,” that was it, I told myself I had to go there no matter what!

As the strong, willful woman I am, I went there right away, and it was everything I had imagined. I had my waffles with bacon and scrambled eggs plus a natural fresh orange juice, complemented by what, to me, was a big cup of coffee and a cookie. (Photo above courtesy of Sweet Georgia Cafe).

A nice selection of sweets at Sweet Georgia Cafe
A nice selection of sweets at Sweet Georgia Cafe

Now, the eggs were made exactly how I like them, just like the bacon, which was crispy and mixed perfectly with my scrambled, spongy eggs. The waffles were the right amount of sweet, so, when I put on some syrup, they were like a delicious cloud in my mouth. And the orange juice was natural, fresh and perfectly balanced as well. Even the coffee was great, with a fruity scent I couldn’t distinguish, but it was more than enough to conquer this non-coffee drinker’s heart. Oh, and the cookie was the right closer for a lunch that was exactly as I thought it would be. Yes, lunch!

Delicious waffles and eggs to start (or end) your day! (photo courtesy of Sweet Georgia Cafe)
Delicious waffles and eggs to start (or end) your day! (photo courtesy of Sweet Georgia Cafe)

The Menu

Turns out Sweet Georgia is a place where you can eat waffles and bacon any time of the day, and who doesn’t want waffles and bacon for breakfast, lunch or at 7pm? The place is open from 8am till 9pm or later (see full hours at the bottom of this article), so you can go anytime and enjoy their menú, which includes waffles, eggs (scrambled, fried, or omelet), bacon or sausage for 20,000 COP ($7.34)/Light version for 15,000 COP ($5.50). Each of the menú items is also available à la carte.

They also offer a great variety of drinks: classic coffees from 2,500 COP to 5,500 COP ($0.91-$2.01); coffee cocktails, 9,500 COP ($3.48), with the addition of Amaretto or Baileys for 4,500 COP ($1.65); soda, 2,000 COP ($0.73); natural juices (passion fruit, strawberry and mango, or blackberry with milk or water and mint, coconut or coffee lemonade from 6,000 COP ($2.20) to 7,000 COP ($2.57). The menu is already growing, so they will have more delicious options soon.

Comfortable, relaxing atmosphere at Sweet Georgia Cafe (photo courtesy of Sweet Georgia Cafe)
Comfortable, relaxing atmosphere at Sweet Georgia Cafe (photo courtesy of Sweet Georgia Cafe)

Hungry now? That’s what I thought. Oh! I almost forgot to mention the cool music, the nice decorations and the fact that you can watch a movie or an awesome concert while you enjoy the WiFi and charge your phone, since every seat has a socket right on the spot.

The People Behind the Cafe

But now let’s talk about the people behind Sweet Georgia. Fernanda Carvajal is the woman in charge. She and her American romantic and business partner created this new place in Medellin with a bunch of love and hard work. Fernanda is the soul of the kitchen right now, so if you’re lucky enough to go any time soon, you’ll get to sample her delicious magic touch with the food. She’s not always hidden in the kitchen either; you can see her outside making coffee and smiling at people while they decide which of the awesome-looking cakes they should try.

There’s also another woman out front: lovely Maia Høxbro, who’s from Denmark but has been living in Medellin for over a year and three months, so she also speaks Spanish as well as English. The two ladies met while taking a barista course, forging a friendship that has now become a great asset at work.

Memorabilia of American Soul Music
Memorabilia of American Soul Music

The idea was to bring a bit of the Georgia flavor with a warm, homely vibe to Medellin. And they succeeded! When you go in, there are wooden tables and chairs, puffs, and even a cool purple chair outside. The walls feature black and white pictures of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye and Whitney Houston–to name a few–framed in wood decorated with coffee beans.

Although the official opening event with live music and the real celebration is set for May, Sweet Georgia has been open for two weeks now and is already winning people’s hearts.

Fernanda and her husband have ambitious plans for the place, so in a couple of months we can expect events, a private lounge for members that will include some VIP treatment, and even rooms to rent so people can wake up to the delicious smell of bacon and coffee. Not bad, huh?

Sunny, open-air area in the front of the cafe
Sunny, open-air area in the front of the cafe

But let’s take things one step at a time. For the moment, the couple is focusing on the restaurant and on a very sweet-as-the-name project that is about giving back to the community. Every month, from their profits, they will donate books to a school, or something the local community might need, having the recipients come over to the restaurant to hang out and receive the donation.

So, what are you waiting for? Great food and coffee, awesome soul music, a comfy, warm place to sit and enjoy, and in a way you’ll be helping the community as well! Come on over and give it a try. From my personal experience, I miss iHop from my days vacationing back in Mexico, and now my heart is happy again with a place like Sweet Georgia in town.

Hours and Location

Carrera 78 #32ee-25, Medellin, Antioquia

Hours: Monday – Wednesday, 8am – 9pm; Thursday, 8am – 10pm; Friday – Saturday, 8am – 12am; Sunday, 8am – 7pm




This post was written in collaboration with Sweet Georgia Cafe.

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