The Burrito Lover’s Guide to Medellín

The Burrito Lover’s Guide to Medellín

Looking for a place to eat a good Mexican burrito in Medellin? We hear you. 

Whether you hail from Mexico itself or are just a fan of authentic Central American meals, there’s nothing quite like sinking your teeth into a tasty burrito. 

And the good news is that you can find some pretty fantastic burritos in Medellin. So, are you ready to find your new favorite lunch spot? Keep reading for a run-down on the best burritos in Medellin.

Barrita Burrito

Barrita Burrito is a Tex-Mex restaurant specializing in burritos that come jam-packed with all the ingredients you can imagine.

This burrito place lets you build your own burrito, customizing your meal at the bar full of proteins, cheese, and sauce. In other words, this palace is much like Chipotle for our US-based friends out there. 

If you don’t feel like ordering a burrito, you can also get things like tacos and fajitas. A few other choice options on the menu include: 

  • Quesadillas
  • Nacho bowls
  • Mexican soups
  • Corn on the cob

It’s all good—regardless of what you pick, you’ll go home with a full belly and a smile on your face.

You can find Barrita Burrito in all sectors of the city, from the extreme north to the center and south of Medellin. Basically, wherever you’re staying, there’s one of these bad boys close by.

Pro Tip: Barrita Burrito offers delivery, so if you don’t feel like dining out, just order takeout to your hotel room or house! 

Roll Up Sushi Burrito

While this isn’t technically a Mexican place, it’s definitely a burrito place. This restaurant makes creative Asian food, such as their famous sushi burrito. 

The sushi burrito is basically a giant sushi roll, complete with seaweed, rice, and tasty fillings. 

Just like Barrita Burrito, you get to pick your fillings to make something you love. Go for classic sushi fillings like salmon or opt for veggie-only rolls—we won’t judge!

You can find this restaurant in Laureles, Envigado, and El Poblado. That makes it super accessible no matter where you happen to be staying in Medellin.

Pro Tip: the restaurant is pet-friendly, so you can go with your four-legged friends!

Brije Restaurante

Brije is a gourmet Mexican restaurant that seeks to highlight all the flavors of the Central American country in an elegant and haute cuisine way.


Brije burritos are distinguished by a pink tortilla filled with rice, beans, cheese, a protein you choose, lettuce, pico de gallo, guacamole, and pickled onion. 

The restaurant has a sit-down atmosphere, so this might be a good place to bring a date if you want to impress that special someone. 

Besides burritos, you can also find quesadillas, fajitas, Mexican bowls, tacos al pastor, enchiladas, Mexican soup, and cuts of meat with accompaniments in this restaurant.

Plus, Brije is super central. It’s located on Via Primavera in El Poblado, close to many shops and hotels and making it an obvious choice for explorers back from a day of traversing Medellin’s streets.

El DF Comida Mexicana

El DF stands for “El Distrito Federal,” which is the capital city of Mexico. This is one of the best-known Mexican restaurants in Medellin and has a pretty extensive menu. 

Aside from things like tortillas, tacos, casseroles, and Mexican grill, you can also find signature burritos: 

  • The Burrototote: basically a build-your-own burrito
  • Burrototote Campechano: made with chicharron and pork carnitas.
  • Burrototote: featuring BBQ ribs.

You can accompany all this food with one of the special drinks on El DF’s menu, including sodas, lemonades, and margaritas.

Now, while there are tons of great meals to be had here, that’s not what really makes this place stand out. What’s cool about El DF is that the decor is made to emulate that of a traditional Mexican town. 

The walls are adorned with Mexican symbols and icons, such as sugar skulls and historical figures (think Frida Kahlo).

Another perk of El DF is that the prices are very affordable. Despite the low prices, the quality and vibe of the place are fantastic! It’s definitely a spot to check out if you want great food at great prices.

Milagros Restaurant

Milagros is another of the most recognized Mexican restaurants in Medellin. It’s also got one of the most authentic atmospheres, so if you’ve spent time in Mexico, this is a good place to go. 

This restaurant has five special burritos, which the restaurant calls burricos. We couldn’t tell you why they named them that, but we can tell you that they’re delicious. 

The five burritos are: 

  1. Street burrito
  2. Sea and land
  3. Maria del Carmen
  4. Milagros de Luz
  5. Alma Burrito

Each of these has different fillings, such as shrimp, shredded chicken, breaded chicken, pork rinds, and fish. You can also order a combination of different proteins so that you can try out two flavors at once. 

If you want to eat the burrito alone, you absolutely can. Or, you can pair your burrito with salad, nachos, or rice. 

Milagros offers other traditional Mexican meals for those who have already had enough burritos already, too. They’ve got soups, tacos, and grilled meat on the menu, so feel free to pick something you like. 

There are three different places around the city where you can find Milagros: in the south, in the north, and in the Laureles neighborhood

Find the Best Burritos in Medellin

In Medellin, there are many places where you can enjoy Mexican food. But, the real secret is knowing how to choose a good place. 

With this guide, you should have a good starting point when it comes to finding some tasty Mexican meals around the city. 

Not in the mood for Mexican? Check out some of our other posts on local meals and where to find the best ones in the city. 

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