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The Marquee Hotel’s Café: A Review

Taking a quiet afternoon sipping some coffee in Medellin can enhance your visit, so it’s worth considering.  Where can you grab a cup of coffee...

Strolling the Stalls at Medellín’s Farmer’s Markets

Medellin is such a biodiverse country in the world. Please don’t leave without first giving a farmer’s markets tour around Medellin. So put your...

Coffee Shopping Guide: What’s the Best Colombian Coffee Brand?

Many people think that the only places they’ll find high-quality artisan coffee in Colombia are Starbucks, Juan Valdez Café, and Oma (three national coffee...

Medellin Real Estate Bubble?

Ever since 2008 it seems everyone is a bubble watcher. I think it's a good thing because it keeps markets in check and forces...

Spanish to Communicate and Spanish to Feel Like a Local

Guest blogger, Kuzey Ates, shares his experience learning Spanish outside the country and later readjusting it to the local norms.

El Dorado Spanish School: Spanish Classes Designed for You

El Dorado Spanish School is located in Envigado and was founded three years ago by a Colombian-Polish couple, Robinson and Ewa.

A Quick Getaway to Filandia

A stone’s throw from Salento sits Filandia, a quaintly nestled pueblo with plenty to give to the tourism trade. Tim tells us about his quick getaway to this coffee town.

The Secret Valley of La Samaria

La Samaria is the well-kept secret wax-palm valley that Paisa weekenders flock to and for good reason.

Top 10 FAQ on buying Medellin Real Estate

This article was originally posted on the Casacol blog.  By Brad Hinkelman, Founder/Owner - Casacol SAS As Medellin real estate advisers, we at Casacol receive clients in our office...