Public Transportation: Metro, Buses, and Taxis

Universidad metro station
Universidad metro station

I am very fond of the public transportation here.

The Metro

The Metro is extremely easy to use, as long as you pay attention to where the train you’re getting on doesn’t stop.

Getting on the wrong train isn’t a big deal.  You can get off, and on the right one, without a fee or any trouble.

Tickets are 1,500 COP for anywhere on the system.

I’m impressed with how clean the whole Metro is, and there has only been a few times I’ve been pushed around on a crowded train.

The metro has also proven a convenient place to meet with friends.

The stations are minimal, and meeting in the station is by far the easiest directions I have been given yet.

Local Buses

The buses are about 1,200 COP.  They go through the neighborhoods as well as to different areas of the city.

They stop more often, but you will be closer to your destination.

The buses are more complicated than the Metro due to the frequent stops.  The buses are extremely well labeled; with each area having its own color scheme.

I’ve had no problem jumping on a bus to the next neighborhood, and they’re much less expensive than a Taxi.

There are Metro-buses that go to and from the Metro in each neighborhood.  You can buy combination tickets for 2,000 COP.

That way you get the speed of the Metro with the convince of ending up in the right neighborhood.


Taxis are great for when you don’t know the city, you need to be in a specific place, and don’t speak Spanish.

Just have your destination written down and give it to the driver.  I haven’t found out how they figure fairs.

I’ve never seen a meter, but most rides have been under 10,000 COP I’ve hailed every taxi I’ve taken so far, instead of calling.

Usually I’m with a group for safety, but I haven’t felt uncomfortable getting one myself either.

I’ve found it very difficult to hail a taxi during the day, because most people will call for them.  The best place is near a bus stop.

The Metro and most buses stop running at night, so it is much easier (and more common) to find a taxi at night.

Sharing a taxi is a great way to get around with a group.

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